Top winners and losers after Wednesday's Champions League semi-final second leg results

Steve Bardens - UEFA / UEFA via Getty Images The UEFA Champions League final is set, and it will be an English Premier League affair. "Chelsea beat Real Madrid 2: 0 on Wednesday and 3: 1 on aggregate, earning them a place in the final, where Manchester City await. . Timo Werner answered his critics by scoring the first goal in the first ...


Steve Bardens - UEFA / UEFA via Getty Images

The UEFA Champions League final is set, and it will be an English Premier League affair.

"Chelsea beat Real Madrid 2: 0 on Wednesday and 3: 1 on aggregate, earning a place in the final, where Manchester City await him. . Timo Werner answered his critics by scoring the opening goal in the first half, while Mason Mount put the game away with a late goal in the second half.

Below we break down the winners and losers of the day.

Winner: N'Golo Kante

The hard-working Chelsea midfielder was brilliant - absolutely brilliant.

Squawka Football @ Squawka

N'Golo Kante's match against Real Madrid:

100% won air martial arts
100 касаний
4 попадания в штрафную

4 intercepts
Выиграно 4 поединка
Создано 3 шанса (больше всего)
2 возврата мяча
1 punch
1 приемник
1 unit

Everywhere. ? #UCL

If any player controlled this game, it was Kante with his work rate, positioning and ability to move the game forward quickly. He had "hockey passes" on every goal, with his brilliant move on the first, pushing the Blues forward:

The Champions League on CBS Sports @ UCLonCBSSports


And it was Kante who played Christian Pulisic into space on the right side of the box. for the second, allowing the American star to make a perfect transition to the mountain:

The Champions League on CBS Sports @ UCLonCBSSports


Unsurprisingly, the applause for Kante poured in after the match.

Yves Gallarcep @ SoccerByIves

A real pleasure to watch N'Golo Kante's work. Thoroughly outplayed Real Madrid's outstanding midfield throughout the series. He does the job of two players and it looks easy.

Super Soldier Serum Kante is hard to stop. "Man City will be busy.

Jeff Borzello. @ jeffborzello

N'Golo Kante. Player of the big match. World class. #CFC

Jimmy Conrad. @JimmyConrad

N'Golo Kante is better than your favorite player.

Jonathan Northcroft. @ J. Northcroft

Kroos + Modric <Канте

He has earned every one of them. Chelsea have some big name stars and Thomas Tuchel's management has changed the season. But don't discount how important Kante is to this Chelsea team. He's an engine, and the Frenchman fired on all cylinders on Wednesday.

Winner: Christian Pulisic

The aforementioned Captain America made the crucial pass with a brilliant pass to Mount. But the late-game substitute was Wednesday's winner after coming one step closer to making history as potentially the first American to play in a Champions League final:

Grant Wahl. @ GrantWahl

Christian Pulisic will become the first US men's national team player to play in a UEFA Champions League final. Already the only man to score a goal and now an assist in the Champions League semi-final.


Пулишич — самый молодой игрок, забивший гол и результативную передачу в одном полуфинальном раунде ЛЧ с 2010 — 13 ?

Star ⭐️

Maximiliano Bretos @ MaxBretosSports

Пулисич раздает десятицентовики !!
Chelsea are running away from Real Madrid out of the park.

Technically, Manchester City's backup goalkeeper Zack Steffen could also become the first American player to play in a Champions League final. But it is far more likely to be Pulisic.

Given the growing number of United States players starting or playing for major European clubs, other American players are likely to accomplish the feat soon. Still, it is a great achievement for both American football and Pulisic.

Loser: Eden Azard

Honestly, it's hard to single out one underdog on the day for Real Madrid, who had just been completely outplayed by Chelsea. In fact, it was not a case of Los Blancos being unprepared or flat; it was simply that the Blues were brighter, faster and more creative, a straight stone wall at the back and a saw in the centre of the pitch.

But if it was one player who was particularly keen to prove himself in this match, it was former Chelsea player Eden Hazard who returned to Stamford Bridge. And, well, he was mostly invisible.

Dermot Corrigan. @ dermotmcorrigan

Now the danger for Mariano. Zidane has definitely given him every chance to do something in the old team ...

Or like Matt Lo. Telegraph сказал, что «не было ни одного из беглых пробежек», — говорится в сообщении «Телеграф» , внезапные скачки темпа или работа ног, из-за которых защитники изо всех сил пытались удержаться на ногах. Вместо того, чтобы поставить в неловкое положение своих противников, как он это делал раньше, Азард чаще всего искал одного из своих товарищей по команде с безопасным пасом ».

It has been a tough season for Azar, who has struggled with injuries and has not looked good on the pitch. Real Madrid still have a chance to win the La Liga title, so maybe this season won't be a lost season for Azar. But it hasn't been easy.

Winner: Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel turned Chelsea's season around by leading the west London club to both the FA Cup and the Champions League final. The Blues' disciplined and dominant play was a reflection of the impact he has made since his arrival.

Melissa Reddy @ MelissaReddy_

THIS is Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea. What a quick transformation!

A Team that had defensive errors in their DNA held cleanly against the biggest guns in the LP and Europe.

«Реал Мадрид» был ограничен двумя выстрелы изнутри ложи, столкнулись 18 https: // t. co / 1OviAjRBHx

Jonathan Northcroft. @ J. Northcroft

Помимо того сумасшедшего дня против «Вест Брома», «Челси» 18 чистые листы из 23 игр под Тухелем и забили уступил 5.

Вид на город лучшая команда в мире прямо сейчас, но против «Челси» сложнее всего играть. Это какой-то финал.

talkSPORT @ talkSPORT

Chelsea was beaten by Thomas Tuchel:

✅ Zinedine Zidane
✅ Pep Guardiola
✅ Jurgen Klopp

✅ Jose Mourinho
✅ Carlo Ancelotti

✅✅ Diego Simeone

И не пропустив ни одного гола! ?

Dermot Corrigan. @ dermotmcorrigan

Some of Tuchel's work.

Эй, есть причина, по которой он во втором финале Лиги чемпионов подряд после лидера ПСЖ там в прошлом сезоне. Тухель нажимает все правильные кнопки.

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