Western Union payment system

  • Type: Money transfer systems
  • Official website: westernunion com
  • Available currencies: UAH / USD / EUR / RUB / GBP
  • Commission: 1%

About Us

The Western Union system was founded in 1851. The birthplace of the payment system can rightfully be considered the state of Colorado in the United States.

The main specialization of Western Union is providing financial intermediation services to customers. It can be said that Western Union is the undisputed leader among all existing payment systems.

Western Union online is an international class of payment system providing instant transaction services. This system serves more than 150 countries, and the number of its customers has reached a rather impressive size.

How to use?

Russian-speaking customers have been using this company's services since about 1991. Now the use of Western Union Russia payment system is quite popular in Russia and Ukraine. The origins of instant money transfers in the system go back to 2007, when this service was provided by post offices.

Western Union Online uses a wide range of currencies, but the traditional currency of transfer is often the American dollar or the Russian ruble. The client will receive the money in the currency that is in circulation in his country, thanks to the conversion made. There is also an interesting nuance that guarantees additional transaction security, which is that the recipient of the money must answer a Western Union employee's control question (specified by the sender).

Terms and conditions of money transfers

The user should know that it is very convenient and requires no extra hassle, such as opening a personal bank account. The money will be transferred through a computer network, which ensures a unique speed of the transaction.

How does Western Union transfer work? To make full use of the system. You should choose a banking institution that supports the recommended option of electronic payments, such as Western Union Moscow. The user should bear in mind that money can only be transferred from one individual to another, so it is necessary to know in advance the identity information of the person to whom the client plans to send money.

At the bank branch the user will be offered to fill in a special form, where he/she has to specify the following information in Latin letters:

  • The country and city of the recipient and then the amount.
  • Write down the recipient's details, including his or her first and last name and address (street, city, country and postcode).
  • The sender must also include his/her name, patronymic and contact details identical to those of the recipient (residential address).

The sender will have to show his passport at the bank branch, and it should be taken into account that the financial transaction of transfer will require payment of a fee.

Once the above form has been completed, the sender will receive a copy of the form with a ten-digit number, also called a control number. The sender must then inform the recipient of this number, which can be done by sending an e-mail or by filling out a special form, as is done in Internet data exchanges. 

The sender can take advantage of the value-added services provided by Western Union Russia. This includes the ability to send a telephone notification, a short letter to the recipient, or a physical delivery service. The above additional service options are available for an additional fee.