We need to determine why verification is necessary for secure gaming. Let's also look at why it is safe

Gambling always requires a responsible approach. Despite this, many inexperienced players do not consider online casino registration to be an important process. They often do not understand the importance of account verification. Also, confirming one's identity with documents can be discouraging. Of course, not everyone wants to show and send their personal information to others.

Usually for account verification it is necessary to send passport data. Sometimes the gambling establishment may ask for other documents: bank statements, proof of residency or residence address, scans of bank cards, etc.

We need to determine why verification is necessary for safe gaming. And also let's understand why account verification is safe. Of course, before you start playing, you need to learn the rules of the casino and register with it. That said, each casino has its own rules that should not be broken. Inexperienced players often make mistakes when filling in personal details of the profile, and this causes difficulties with the verification of the account.

How do I get verified at an online casino?

There are a few basic rules that will help you quickly confirm your identity and pass data verification. Most importantly, do not create multiple accounts in the same casino. It is forbidden to have multiple accounts at any institution. Also, be sure to include your real personal details when filling out your profile. Be careful not to make any mistakes or typos.

To find out how to pass the verification in a particular gambling establishment, you need to go to the appropriate section of the terms and conditions of the casino. In addition, you can contact the support chat to find out more information.

The documents required for verification may vary from institution to institution. However, for the most part, account verification is required:

  • Photo or scan of passport. A scan of the registration page may be required.
  • Driver's license. The licence can be an alternative to a passport.
  • Documents proving address of residence.
  • A photo or scan of the bank card you used to make the deposit.
  • Screenshots of the payment system through which the account was funded.

Note that all photos or scans must be of maximum quality. The specified documents are a common requirement for many licensed online casinos. In such institutions the players' personal data is protected by SSL-encryption. Losses and leaks of personal information are excluded.

Is it safe to send a passport photo to a casino?

Many inexperienced players are wary of sending a copy of their passport to an online casino. And this fear is normal. Nevertheless, to exclude any risks, it is necessary to choose a licensed institution and read its rules before creating an account. It is also worth checking with the support operator in the online chat, exactly how the verification is carried out, and what documents are needed in this case. Ask the operator any questions and be sure to ask for help with data verification.

Is it safe to send a passport photo to an online casino? Yes, because all licensed establishments reliably protect players' data.

If you play at an unlicensed gambling establishment, it is not recommended to verify with it. In an unlicensed casino, players' data can be used for selfish purposes. The main task of the newcomer is to find a reliable and honest online casino. How to choose an institution to your liking, you can learn on our website.

When do I have to verify my online casino profile?

It is optimal to verify the account immediately after registration in the casino. So you can avoid one very common problem. For example, a player has just registered, immediately started playing and won a good amount. Now he needs to withdraw the money, but he does not want to be verified (it also happens that the player may have created multiple accounts). In this case, the winnings will be cancelled and the account will be banned.

How to pass the verification process correctly? Follow the simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of the casino. Study the rules of the game and the conditions of bonuses.
  • Register an account (you must be over 18 years old).
  • Fill in your profile with your real personal details. Do not make any mistakes.
  • Contact a support operator in the online chat and get verified.

If you follow this scheme, you can quickly verify your account at any casino. After that, there will never be any problems with the withdrawal of winnings. Almost all casinos require verification before withdrawing winnings. However, there are establishments where you can play and withdraw without verification.  

Are there any licensed casinos without verification?

Today there are gambling establishments where you can play slots and other games without verification and even withdraw the money. There are licensed casinos without verification, but they are practically units. Usually, their management wants to give the maximum comfort to the players, so they do not make them unnecessarily pass the verification. Any users over 18 years old can play in them, and to register and withdraw money you only need to confirm the mobile phone number and e-mail.

On our website you can find a list of licensed casinos without verification. Inexperienced players who don't want to send their details anywhere can happily play in them. Nevertheless, even in casinos without verification, you need to follow the rules. For example, do not create multiple accounts, because you will be quickly tracked by the security service by your IP address.

What are the pros of a casino without verification?

Of course, such establishments have their own benefits. For example, you can start playing almost instantly. Registration takes place in two clicks, and then you only need to confirm your email and phone number. After that, you will be able to make deposits and withdraw winnings. In such casinos, many users have been playing for years without verification.

Nevertheless, there are moments (usually specified in the rules of the club), when the management of the casino may ask to verify. Most often it happens when withdrawing large winnings (over 1,000 USD). When withdrawing small winnings, verification is usually not required.

The main purpose of account verification is to combat fraud. The casino monitors players' activity and may ask to verify the account if there is suspicion of foul play.