Gambling brings more than just thrills and cash winnings. They can be addictive for some players. Some users can play without much damage to the wallet. Others, on the other hand, start gambling all the time and become addicted to it. This reduces their well-being and standard of living and endangers the lives of their loved ones and themselves.

Gambling addiction is a very difficult problem. It is difficult to cope with, and in its last stages it is almost impossible. That is why it is important not to let it form. On this page you will find a lot of useful information to help you play safely and avoid forming an addiction.

Quick tips

  • Gambling and online casinos are not a source of income.
  • Gambling is paid entertainment.
  • Play only with free money that you can lose without consequences.
  • Never try to get even.
  • Don't borrow to play online casino games.
  • Evaluate the time and money you spend on casino sites.
  • Determine for yourself a limit on the total amount of deposits per month.
  • Be sure to use the account self-delete tools.
  • Never play while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  • Don't try to run away from problems and don't play when you are depressed, agitated or upset.
  • Find a balance between gambling and other things. Observe it.
  • Assess yourself and identify symptoms of gambling addiction.
  • Don't hesitate to admit your addiction problem and ask for help.
  • Play at reliable and honest online casinos.

These tips are not a hundred percent guarantee of eliminating or overcoming gaming addiction. But even one mistake can form a gaming addiction if you play for a very long time. The only truly effective way to solve the problem is to not play at all. However, not every player can do this. That's why our tips will help you start playing safely.

Gambling and online casinos are not a source of income

A lot of users come to online casino sites to get rich or to find money for their immediate needs. This is a very dangerous thought. It is the dreams of big winnings and jackpots that make players addicted. They little by little get you hooked on gambling and prevent you from thinking soberly.

"One hundred percent" victory doesn't come, and players keep betting for the dream of riches. They end up in a desperate situation: no jackpot, no money. To play safely and reduce the risk of gambling addiction, you need to put out of your mind the thought of gambling money. Even the best online casinos are not a source of stable income. In all virtual clubs there is a casino advantage.

The odds are always against the player. Yes, you can get lucky. But that kind of luck doesn't last forever. If you get a big win, you will want to get more. Therefore, even lucky players, one way or another, return to the online casino their money and lose it. And they lose even more.

Remember, you can't gamble for riches or the jackpot. You will only get more problems that way.

Gambling is paid entertainment

Treat online casinos as paid entertainment. For example, at movies and restaurants you buy tickets, food, drinks, etc. At an online casino, you pay for the opportunity to play from a position of losing. This is an important thought. Virtual clubs make money on this very thing.

Winning money adds to the fun and excitement. That's why gambling is so interesting to people. There are players who have fun and in demo modes or free casinos (their lists can be found on our website). But the vast majority play for real money.

The goal of your game should not be money. They only add spice and value to the entertainment. Remember that it is necessary to play for the sake of pleasure from the game process and excitement. It is not necessary to dream about a jackpot or a big win (in that case, it is better not to play at all).

Play with free money

Gambling addiction always causes huge financial difficulties. Gambling addicts regularly borrow money or seek money for games in other ways.

Very often addicted players start to reduce spending on themselves. For example, they sell unnecessary items or give up unnecessary purchases. Over time, they begin to save money on food, clothing, housing, and other things.  

IMPORTANT: Determine the budget you can spend on online casinos. Do not sacrifice the needs of your family or your own. First provide for yourself completely, and then think about gambling.

Check the amounts you've lost. If you realize that you've lost more than you bargained for, or you've started to cut back on other expenses for the sake of the casino, it's a symptom of gambling addiction. Be sure to learn how to diagnose addiction and how to treat it.

Don't try to get even.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to lose all your money is to want to win back and win back your losses. This leads to the player ceasing to have fun and getting addicted and a lot of financial problems.

The desire to win back is quite normal. But it is necessary to develop an adequate attitude to gambling. Remember that you do not need to wait for the obligatory winning. It is just a paid entertainment.

Losing is a common occurrence. It is the most frequent outcome in any gambling game. Know this, so you won't have any desire to win back. And your money will remain safe. If you will try to win back, you will drive yourself into a debt hole. The advantage is always on the side of the online casino (it shows statistics). So if you lose a set budget, just stop playing.

Don't borrow to play online casino games

One of the biggest mistakes players make is gambling with debt. We talked about playing only with money that you can lose without consequences for yourself and your family. Remember, if you borrow to play online casino games, it means that gambling is no longer affordable to you. Do not allow the thought that "here are two more bets, and for sure I will win back and get everything back.

Borrowing money comes in many forms: a loan, a microloan or borrowing small amounts from friends. It is always a mistake. Don't gamble with money you don't have.

A common situation is a payday loan. Yes, it seems like no big deal. You will be able to pay it back quickly, because your salary is paid consistently. But this is a very serious marker of a problem. Why?

  • The need to borrow indicates that you don't have any extra money.
  • Uncontrolled borrowing leads to financial problems and ruins lives.
  • Collectors and creditors can be dangerous.
  • Debt gambling puts pressure on the psyche and causes stress. It negatively affects your health and makes you make bad decisions.


Evaluate the time and money you spend on casino sites

In an online casino, it's easy to lose your sense of time. Slots can be extremely addictive, and you won't notice you're sitting through hours of them. And the same rule applies to money. Typically, players remember winnings more vividly than losses. Therefore, most have false memories of how much money they lost. Many active players can be shocked by telling them the exact amount of their losses.

Therefore, you can and should keep track of the time and money spent on online casinos. Always do this. Make a note of the start and end times of your gaming sessions. You can also set up statistical notifications to automatically get the information you need.

The sites of the best online casinos have statistics on your bets. But it is usually kept only for each new session. So be sure to keep your own count of gambling expenses.

Determine for yourself a limit on the total amount of deposits per month

It is very important to set different limits. On online casino sites, you can limit your spending. Use any suitable tools.

  • Deposit limits. Set a limit on the amount you can deposit to your game account.
  • Losing Limits. Determine how much money you can lose in advance.
  • Game time limits. You can limit the duration of the game session.

However, limits are not a completely workable solution. In some online casinos, they do not exist or can be easily circumvented.

Use self-locking

Sometimes you just need to stop playing. If you want to do it for good or for a while, you need to try the option of blocking the account yourself. This option is available in almost every online casino. You will be able to block your access or temporarily or permanently. The period of blocking only you set.

Some casinos may remove self-locking at the request of the user. However, they do not do it immediately, but only after a certain period of time.

However, self-blocking is valid only in one casino. Therefore, such a ban can easily be bypassed by starting to play in another virtual club. What to do about it? On the one hand, you can block yourself in all (but it is very long and almost impossible). You can also use an application to block access to online casino sites on a global level.

Self-locking is also not 100% a cure for gaming addiction. It is a useful tool, but it is up to the player to want to stop playing. So be sure to explore all of your options for dealing with it.

Do not consume drugs or alcohol during the game

Ludomaniacs know that gambling while intoxicated is a big problem. A person under the influence of alcohol and other substances cannot think rationally, stop in time or make the right decision.

Of course, there are even more losses in such a state. Sober mind is necessary to control not only losses, but also yourself. Playing while intoxicated accelerates the formation of gambling addiction. There will be a clear association: "Had a couple of beers with friends? It's time to play online casino".

Only play when you're sober.

Don't run away from problems and don't play frustrated

Negative emotions make you weaker and stop thinking clearly. And this leads to losing and further deterioration of your condition.

Remember three things:

  • Depression, sadness or excitement get in the way of making good decisions.
  • Negative emotions and constant depression are bad in themselves. They need to be dealt with.
  • Trying to distract yourself with an online casino will accelerate the formation of addiction and bring even more problems.

With the help of gambling it is impossible to solve existing problems or even to distract from them.

Find a balance between gambling and other things

If you notice that your online casino gaming sessions have become too long, it's not a good sign. First of all, it leads to addiction. Secondly, it may be a symptom of an already formed addiction. Usually, addicted players gamble more than they socialize with other people. They reduce time for hobbies, work and their own family.

Do you want to gamble safely? Clearly define the time available for gambling. And be sure to fully engage in work, spend time with family, loved ones, take time for hobbies.

If gambling and online casinos have become central to your life, then it's time to fight the addiction.  

Watch for the onset of symptoms of addiction

Gambling addiction is similar to other problems in the human body or psyche. That is why it is easier to cure if it is detected at an early stage of development. If you notice its symptoms in yourself, then be sure to engage in treatment, so as not to ruin your own life and not to poison the life of your loved ones.

Explore the behavior of people with addiction in our article. Take an objective look at yourself. This way, you will study your gambling habits and you will be able to clearly understand when addiction manifests itself.

Don't be shy about admitting an addiction problem and asking for help

Fighting all addictions is difficult, but gambling addiction is even more so. So be sure to seek support from professionals, family and friends. It is better to discuss problems with someone right away than to accumulate them inside yourself. It will be easier and simpler that way.

Remember: If you realize that your gambling addiction is getting out of control, it is better to start fighting it right away. The longer you procrastinate, the harder it will be.

In How to Fight Gambling Addiction, you will find methods and resources that can help you. There you will find the best option for you. There are hotlines, support services, clinics and centres in every country. You can find a list of them on a special page on our website.

Play in a reliable and honest online casino

Safe gambling is not only based on a competent attitude towards gambling entertainment. It is also important to find the best online casinos.

Even the most responsible and careful player can be cheated. This is used by the scammers, who will not allow you to withdraw any big winnings. You simply will not be allowed to do it under far-fetched pretexts.

Be sure to thoroughly research the online casino you are going to play at. Read reviews and player reviews. Also get acquainted with our list of the best online casinos to find a proven club.

Use the tips from this article. And remember: gambling is not a source of income. This way you can keep your peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. And don't forget to ask for help quickly if something goes wrong.