Online Lottery - guide to the game

The instant lottery is familiar to everyone: tickets are sold in shops, post offices, etc. A ticket in which you have to erase part of the playing field with a coin is a scratch card. With the development of online casinos, instant online lotteries became available to users. The principle of their work almost completely repeats the essence of the usual us lottery tickets.

What's the difference? Online casino lottery results are determined by a random number generator, and scratch cards do not need to be printed. Just connect to the gambling club website, choose the game you want and check your ticket.

How to play the instant lottery at an online casino?

This game is the easiest among all gambling entertainments on the net. You don't need to memorize the rules and strategies: there are none. You need to get a ticket, erase the playing fields with a mouse click and find the same symbols or numbers.

The rules of instant lotteries in online casinos can vary slightly. Sometimes you need to open a pair of identical numbers to win. And sometimes - three or even five. The terms of winning are prescribed separately for each game.

scratch cards
Скретч карты в казино

What is the difference between online lotteries and scratch cards and the usual slots and slot machines? The probability of winning is determined by the GSC. But there are no reels, bonus rounds or wilds, paylines, etc. You get a ticket, erase part of the field (usually accompanied by a sound) and win. Online lotteries are not as popular as card games or slots, but they also allow you to have a great time and get a good winnings.

What are scratch cards?

A scratch card is an online lottery ticket. The game can be designed as you like, but the mechanics remain the same: you erase the field and look for matching characters. That said, online casinos often place scratch games in a separate category. Their gameplay is very simple and short-lived: make a bet, get the ticket and open the field. If there are the same symbols, the victory is yours. If not, you can make a new bet and repeat the cycle.

How do I choose a real money online lottery?

You can choose absolutely any lottery game. It is best to choose an online game with a pleasant design, quality design and sound. That way you will only add to your enjoyment. 

Be sure to pay attention to the maximum amount of winnings in the online lottery. In some games, it can be double or triple your bet. In others, it is equal to it. It is worth looking at the RTP level in the online casino lottery. On average, it is 95-96%. You are unlikely to find more.

Think about your goals when playing the online lottery for real money. There are two main thoughts that will help you win regularly.

  • Do you want to play all the time? Then choose the scratch cards with the highest number of wins and the minimum bet. Such a lottery will have a fairly low level of variance.
  • Do you want to take a risk and break the jackpot? Then you need online casino sweepstakes with big winnings. Make only big bets and don't spread the pot over small ones.

We also recommend that you try playing the lottery from the online casino for free. To do this, you can use the demo mode. It will help to assess the number of winnings and volatility of the slot machine. 

Remember that in the online lottery everything depends only on your luck and the work of the random number generator. Therefore, play only those games that bring you maximum enjoyment.