Intercash payment system

  • Official website: interkassa com
  • Fee: no fee
  • Timing of enrollment: instantly

About Us

Interkassa is a real-time payment acceptance and payment system. Interkassa first appeared in Kiev, now the system has its own office in Moscow. The system has proved its worth, as evidenced by the number of payment instruments connected to it - more than 50, including such global giants as Mastercard, Visa, Privatbank, Paypal, Yandex.Money, Webmoney and many others. 

What is intercash: general information 

Interkassa service has many advantages over the disparate network of payment systems. Thus, with its help you, as a service purchaser, can make payments without leaving your home. You need to select required product or service, after that you will enter special mode where you will be provided with the list of services available for payment. Having chosen the suitable product or service, you don't have to pay commission for using the system, which is the most important advantage. After the payment is made the system sends a text message or email to the merchant notifying him about the successful completion of the payment. After confirming the payment the buyer gets to the merchant's page where he can agree on the terms and variants of delivery of the purchased goods. All the reviews of the Interkassa service that we could find were not negative.


The payment term cannot exceed one banking day. In Interkassa service withdrawal of money may take a little longer due to the need for banks to check clients' personal data. Transactions are held in queue, no later than 6 days after the transaction request.

In the Interkassa service you can clarify how to use the system with the help desk. You can ask questions by phone or e-mail.

In the system itself payments are made in dollars, but if you wish, you can link your store to the exchange rate of other currencies, which also depends on the dollar rate. To withdraw funds you can use electronic payment systems, bank transfers, your own bank account and plastic cards. In this case the withdrawal amount must be equivalent to at least 10 US dollars. Withdrawal is not credited. You may withdraw up to 15000 rubles anonymously and up to 2500 euros to a verified account. If you use WebMoney services, your wallet must be certified.

How to use?

In Interkassa service registration of a new user takes some time, it is not inconvenient for users.

On the first step you need to click "Register" button, then you will see several empty forms in front of you, where you need to enter your real email address or mobile phone number and enter the captcha. Click "Register", then the generated password for your account will be sent to you by email or text message, depending on your previous choice.