Money Online Money Transfer System

  • Type: Money transfer systems
  • Official website: dengionline com
  • Fee: no fee

About Us

One of the largest companies among representatives of payment service in CIS is Dengi Online system. As of today the market of Internet payments to a greater extent passes through the service Dengi Online, it is especially appreciated by the residents of Russia. And it is connected with the fact that the service offers more than 70 methods of payment. The service considerably simplifies processes of payment and withdrawal of funds.

The company was founded in 2006 and in due course has gained leading positions among residents of many countries. Money Online is a very convenient and simplified service which allows one to make payments very quickly.

General description of the system

The main advantages of Dengi Online payment system are:

  • over 70 different payment methods (bank cards, terminals, mobile payments, electronic wallets and other methods);
  • quick and convenient connection to the system (the necessary account can be replenished in a very short time);
  • receipt of funds in a short period of time (if credited, funds are received within two hours; in rare cases, funds may be credited to the account on the next day after payment);
  • quality customer support.

Now it is worth talking about the last point of advantages of the Money Online system. Any questions arising at you will be solved in a short time, as the technical support of players is at a very high level. You can not only call one of the numbers, but also order a call back, call from the website or use the online chat. You can also write an email to your email address.

One of the main purposes of Dengi Online is high security of payment transactions, so you do not have to worry about all personal data and money is under the most reliable protection. The payment system of Dengi Online has a wide enough range of data protection, so it is in great demand among customers. As of today, the data protection system complies with all rules of international payment systems.


Money Online service is accessible and easy to use. Due to the fact that all money transactions can be performed not only using a browser on your computer, but also using a program on your mobile phone. This makes it possible to manage your money anywhere, and all payments are securely protected.

All payments made using Money Online will be credited to your account the day after they are sent. But usually it takes a shorter period of time to complete the cash transaction and enter the account. This system allows only Russian rubles. By the way, the system has a very large number of payment methods, so it serves clients almost all over the world. The fee in Dengi Online system has no fixed tariff, so it will be quite difficult to calculate the cost of the service.

How to use it?

In order to use money transfer system Dengi Online, you do not need to undergo long registration and other manipulations. To replenish a particular account, you will only need data of the plastic card from which the money will be withdrawn. Today, more than 2000 online stores provide their services through this service. Many well-known gambling clubs also offer to make deposits using this service. 

The process of recharging your account with the help of Dengi Online system will not take you much time as it works very fast. At the same time the replenishment mechanism is simplified to the minimum, but the protection system is at the highest level.