Payment system Money Mail ru

  • Type: Electronic money
  • Official website: money mail ru 
  • Available currencies: RUB
  • Fee: no fee

About Us

In 2004, the payment system Money Mail ru appeared, which is distinguished by a very high quality of service. It has a good level of data protection and transfers in the system, and also offers very convenient and simple services for carrying out money transactions. Today Mail ru Money system allows to carry out transactions in a short time.

General description

The payment system Money Mail ru has a lot of advantages. First of all, it is necessary to note a high enough level of protection of transfers. As well as the absence of commissions, the need to register in the system and the rapid transfer of funds. Thanks to this, gamblers who regularly attend online casinos, began to play slot machines on Money Mail ru.

The service offers 24-hour support by toll number or email address. The choice is very limited, so if you need help, it will be difficult to find it in a short time. As far as security is concerned, everything is top notch. All money transactions are secure, so the money will get to its destination. There is no need to register and enter numerous personal details in the payment system. Here you just need to enter the sender's e-mail address and recipient's data. All this significantly increases the speed of payment processing.


The Mail ru Money payment system offers a very affordable and convenient use that will allow making necessary payments quickly. Usually a transaction in this system takes only a few minutes. By the way, many payments are received instantly or no later than the next working day. When you pay for certain services by means of Dengi Mail ru system you can see all information on approximate time of payment processing which will allow you to calculate time of recharge correctly.

In Mail ru Dengi payment system it is possible to use payment only in rubles; the service does not support other currencies. The system is also intended only for residents of Russia, so it is impossible to use it in another country. But the lack of commission is a very pleasant factor.

How to top-up, pay or withdraw money from mail ru

In order to make necessary payments with the help of Mail ru Money system, only some data is required. You need an identifier, i.e. data for payment (account number, contract number, login or other data) to which money will be transferred. Since you do not need to register, you will only need to enter your email address. This is all you need to specify when transferring money. When visiting the official site of Dengi Mail ru the first page displays types of payments that can be made using the system.

Go to "Card-to-card transfer" to learn how to make this type of payment. Here you will need a mobile phone to which a special program will be downloaded. Thanks to this program, you can make all payments without commission and anywhere. But remember, all transfers are made only to cards that are not expired.