Nowadays, there is regular information on the internet about how to get your lost money back from online casinos...

Refund procedure


Of course, in the West this practice is common and is called chargeback procedures. In the CIS countries everything is arranged differently. Let's try to get to the bottom of this subject.

Nowadays, there is regular information on the Internet about how to get back money lost at online casinos. It is usually structured in such a way that users start thinking about the possibility of getting back any payments made using bank cards.

What is chargeback?

A gambler who loses a large sum of money in a casino is unlikely to get help from law enforcement agencies. However, international banking law provides for an opportunity to challenge payments, provided that evidence of fraudulent conduct on the part of the recipient is provided. In other words, chargeback - procedureThe Bank is a bank that protects the interests of bank cardholders.

It takes place in several stages:

  1. Filling in a special form in the payee's name with a request to return the funds for the performed transactions;
  2. Drawing up an application for disputing the payment to the security service of the bank that issued the card, attaching the account statement and the above correspondence;
  3. Chargeback initiation by bank employees;
  4. Consideration of the application;
  5. Sending resolution notices or requesting additional data; 
  6. Refunds.

Usually there is no response to the letter requesting a refund. This point is important because it is mandatory in the order of the chargeback procedure. 

Are player refunds realistic?

There are only a few realistic conditions to carry out the refund procedure:

  1. If funds have been transferred to the account of a legal entity;
  2. 540 days have not elapsed since the transaction.

From the outside it all looks quite simple, but in practice to formalize chargeback is not so easy. This is because gambling is illegal in Russia and a number of CIS countries, so it is difficult for users to claim money.

The second point is whether the online casino has a license. If it exists, the accounts for accepting deposits should be opened in banks operating in accordance with international laws. In this case, the banking operation will be legal and the registered user of the resource will be able to make a chargeback and get a refund. 

What about fraudulent practices?

Such problems occur both on the part of the users themselves and on the part of casinos. For example, everything is clear with illegal casinos - you can play in them only at your own risk. After all, such casinos operate illegally and do not guarantee real payouts to players.

It should be noted that there are also many cheaters among the players, who are not happy about the prospect of getting their money back from the casino when they lose. Instead, they look for ways to bypass the security system. Owners of legal online casinos are ready for this, so they know how to react to cheaters, as well as detail the possible consequences in the rules and working conditions. 

In order to prevent loss of profits one of the activities of gambling resources is the dissemination of information about the inability to perform chargeback. Some sites even include text warning of criminal liability for chargeback, which is really just intimidation. The banking system operates solely within the legal framework, which means that all approved refunds are legal by default. 

So, remember, to initiate a procedure chargeback you can if

  1. The gaming account is blocked on the casino website;
  2. There was a technical failure at the time of the transaction;
  3. When making a deposit, a bonus was automatically credited with a mandatory wagering requirement;
  4. Requests for withdrawal of funds have been repeatedly rejected.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that if any of the actions take place without an explanation, it is safe to make an application for a refund. Gathering full information about possible fraud from the resource will help resolve the situation in the direction of the user.Stay attentive still at the point of choosing an online casino. On our website you will find a list of proven gaming clubs, the reliability of which is guaranteed.