Webmoney payment system

  • Type: Electronic money
  • Official website: webmoney ru 
  • Available currencies: UAH / USD / RUB
  • WebMoney fee: 0,8%

About Us

The popular electronic system appeared in 1998. WebMoney is not an electronic payment system, as all transactions are conducted using special accounting units with a direct link to different currencies.

For users from Russia and the CIS, WebMoney wallet has become an indispensable payment tool, since almost any service in Runet supports this system. Many experienced players prefer to play slot machines with WebMoney, as in the future it will allow to withdraw funds after winning very easily. In addition, most Western resources willingly use the system of input-output WebMoney Transfer. You should not confuse the domain name of the system - webmoney ru, not webmoney com.

General description

All funds included in the system are converted into special title units equivalent to real dollars, rubles, euros, etc. The money is stored in appropriate wallets (depending on the currency), each of which is assigned a symbol:

  • WMR - RUB
  • WMZ - USD
  • WME - EUR
  • WMB - BYR
  • WMU - UAH
  • WMG - the equivalent of a gram of gold
  • WMK - KZT
  • WMX - the equivalent of 0.001 bitcoins

It also helps players to use the service for making deposits in numerous gambling establishments. In addition, the WebMoney system has in its arsenal a significant set of services and tools allowing users to earn and develop. It is important to note that both Russian and English interfaces are available, which greatly simplifies the work with the service. All the reviews about WebMoney that we were able to find were not negative.

Particular security when using the system is provided by authentication methods:

  • Using secret keys in files (WM Keeper WinPro).
  • Standard authorization with login, password and additional one-time code via SMS.
  • Personal digital certificates WM Keeper WebPro.
  • All operations performed in the system are protected by the listed two-level authorization systems, and with Keeper WebPro and WinPro it is also possible to block by IP, for which a range of addresses is set.


There is a fixed level of loyalty commission in the WM Transfer system. The sender pays 0.8% of the amount, but not less than 0.01 WM. The commission limit is limited to 50 WMZ or 1500 WMR, 250 WMU. Fee for transactions in one wallet with one identifier is not charged. Fees for participants of other deposit and withdrawal transactions are set individually.

There are four different versions of the client software WM Keeper:

  • Classic is a special program for the Windows system.
  • Mobile - online payments via mobile devices.
  • Light is a simplified version of the application that does not require a client installation. The transaction is transferred to the browser in a secure way.
  • Mini is a simple and convenient way to use the system from both PC and mobile devices. It has been implemented as a website.

How to use?

A significant advantage of the system is a simple 4-step registration process:

  1. Press "Register", enter your phone number
  2. Enter valid personal data
  3. Confirm mail and phone number
  4. Set a password for your own wallet

Registration is as simple as possible and will take no more than 10 minutes. There are certain limits on deposits and transfers in the system, the limits will increase as your certificate grows. You can deposit webmoney instantly.