Wallet One payment system

  • Type: Electronic money
  • Official website: walletone com
  • Available currencies: UAH / USD / RUB
  • Commission: 2%

About Us

Wallet One payment system - what is it? It is usually referred to in the Russian-speaking community as Wallet One. The system was created in 2007 in Russia. At present, the payment system has offices in 12 countries of the world, which makes it possible to carry out payments all over the world. The system is good because it allows to carry out settlements between users, to pay for services and to withdraw funds with minimal commission 0% for the most of available transactions. Hryvnias, rubles, dollars and other world currencies are available for payment.

The functionality of single wallets allows you to analyze and track your expenses. Thus, thanks to the internal payment history you can see the statistics of your expenses for certain services and goods for a certain period of time. The system makes it more convenient to create templates in which you can specify the purpose of payment and its amount, and then make a payment or transfer in one click. Another feature of the system is the ability to make transfers using a password, which makes the transactions not only instant but also as secure as possible. All of the Wallet One reviews we were able to find were not negative.

How to use?

You can register your account in just a few minutes, go to the home page of the website and click "Register". If the system cannot automatically recognize your country of location, you should manually select it from the list of available countries.

In the second field you need to enter the mobile phone number to which you will later receive the verification code by SMS. After you enter the verification code in the second field, read the terms of public offer and click "Register", your account will be considered as registered.

However, no system can guarantee data privacy unless the user follows some simple rules:

  1. Use a complex password. It is very important that your password consists of at least 6 characters, that it contains both Latin letters and numbers. If possible, keep your password out of reach of unauthorized persons and try to learn it by heart without writing it down in a notebook.
  1. Beware of phishing sites. Scammers often send all sorts of links to emails that mimic the Wallet One site. Look carefully at the address and remember that under no circumstances does the company ask its users to provide their login details.
  1. Use the latest version of antivirus software that can limit access to your personal data to intruders.

By the most conservative estimate, Wallet One (single checkout) system is regularly used by about 5 million users, which makes it one of the most popular.