Payment system Visa

  • Type: Plastic cards
  • Official website: visa com
  • Available currencies UAH / USD / EUR / RUB / GBP
  • Fee: no fee
  • Timing of enrollment: instantly

About Us

Visa and MasterCard payment systems are leaders in their segment. This is due to a number of different advantages and opportunities. The American company Visa Inc. has been existing and developing in the field of international payment systems for more than 45 years, providing customers with the best services and facilities. The payment system was founded in 1970 in San Francisco under the name BankAmericard, but this name has not caught on for a number of good reasons.

Nowadays, despite the existence of many different ways to make purchases on the Internet, create deposits in casinos and other cashless payments, payment cards have not lost their popularity. Convenience of use and support of payment cards in the majority of services have provided the system with an excellent reputation and rapid spread.


  • public availability
  • easy and simple to use
  • the ability to make deposits and withdrawals to online casinos
  • fast access to funds at any time worldwide
  • card blocking in case of loss
  • high security level


  • commission availability

How to use?

Today it is simply impossible to find a person who has not used a Visa card. The card can be opened at absolutely any branch of any bank. All cards can be used both to pay your online casino bill and to make deposits. You can also find out about the usage and service features at any bank branch.

To make a deposit at an online casino, simply log in and select the Visa payment system. A CVV2 code may sometimes be required to register your card before using it for the first time, which will provide increased security through double data protection.

Three types of cards are used in the system:

  • Debit
  • For prepayment
  • Credit

All electronic payments are made through the processing system VisaNet, which processes more than 50,000 transactions per second.

The main currency of the payment system is USD. Consequently, all transactions will be converted to USD. This means that if you make a payment or other transaction in any currency, the conversion will be at the rate of the payment system or bank. The value is determined directly by the bank, but most often does not exceed 1%.

Universal commerce includes:

  • Transactions entered into by merchants
  • payments by mail, telephone
  • online shops (e-commerce, mobile commerce)
  • payments in self-service terminals and ATMs

The payment system offers more than 25 different types of cards depending on purpose, conditions, restrictions, etc. One of the latest innovations is contactless card technology using the Visa payWave system. Cardholders can only hold the card up to the device, no longer need to insert it into an ATM.

Tips for using Visa cards:

  • Carefully and carefully manage your expenses with the available conversions in mind.
  • Keep an eye on your bank's exchange rate and the availability of the Enter Bank Fee.
  • When traveling, keep money in multiple currencies to help reduce conversion costs.