Recommendations and best strategies for playing slots

Slots is one of the most popular games in online casinos. The rules of the game are very simple: you need to collect, by spinning the reels, a winning combination of symbols. The rarer the combination, the bigger the winnings.

In slots, you need to find a balance between the following factors:

  • prospects of victory
  • winning amount
  • visual acuity
  • game duration

We'll look at different game strategies so that everyone can find something suitable for themselves.

How do you beat the slots? The answer is you can't. It is practically impossible to do. 

Slots is a game of chance in which, at first glance, you can only rely on luck. But if you choose the right betting strategy, you can significantly increase your chances of winning by using the right betting strategy.

What factors determine the betting strategy

In order to play slots as effectively as possible, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • to determine the size of the bet;
  • when to stop;
  • the right choice of slot;
  • whether to use the "gamble" function (red or black);
  • the number of winning lines.

Most gambling strategies are based on high variance as well as tracking the game's RTP. You can read about these concepts in our previous articles - they are very useful knowledge for players.

Secret #1: Don't make bets that reduce your payout percentage

Slots usually have approximately the same RTP (payout percentage) for betting. But some slots can greatly worsen this indicator - then you need to choose another type of bet. Let's consider an example, so it will be clearer.


Betting on all 3 winning lines costs 2$, and betting on one winning line costs 1$. It is clear that the bet on 1 line is not so profitable, and its RTP will be lower, so it is better to choose the bet in 2$.

Secret #2. Apply double magnification to adjust variance

The double-up feature (red/black) allows you to double your winnings with a probability of 50%. It greatly increases the variance. You will get a lot of small wins and fewer big wins.

For example, without using the double-up feature, you can win 40 times 1$. But with triple use of the doubling function you can win 5 times on 8$. And though the total winnings are the same, but the winnings in individual cases the amounts will be bigger.

Secret #3: Increase variance by reducing the number of lines to bet

If you set the bet to one winning line instead of ten, you get a variance of 5-10 times higher.

For example, you bet $2 on one line. Then the average winnings will be much larger (but less frequent) than if you bet 20 cents on 10 lines at once. If you bet on 10 lines at once, the winnings will be 10 times smaller. In slots you will gain a winning combination only on a small number of 10 lines, so the average winnings will be smaller.

This strategy is not suitable for those players who usually bet large sums, as the maximum bet per line in slots is usually limited.

What should a good slots strategy have? 

There are three important criteria: 

  • High RTP;
  • Big winnings and a thrill;
  • Adequate playing time.

The catch is that only two of these three criteria can be used simultaneously. 

You can bet 10$ with a good RTP and have a chance at a decent win, but the game is likely to be over in a few minutes.

You can bet 10 cents, spend a lot of time playing and not spend a lot of money, but you can only win a few dollars.

How to win big on slot machines

The more you risk, the more you win. But if you want to increase your chances of winning, you need to maximize the variance of your strategy.

It may sound strange, but the best way to break a big score at an online casino is to try to lose your entire budget as quickly as possible. That's where the math works again. Let me explain.

Statistically, you lose money with every bet - this is the principle of RTP. To lose less in the end, you need to minimize the total amount of your bets. To do this, play as if you want to lose your money at once with the minimum number of bets. 

Strategies for betting on slot machines

Smart Gambler strategy - play your maximum winnings

Dispersion: variable

RTP: Very high (up to 96%)

Game time: Miscellaneous

The meaning of the strategy Smart Gambler (from the English "smart gambler") is that bets should be very low. When a winning combination, winnings should be doubled using the "gamble" button. Keep doubling until you lose or until you win a large enough amount.

This strategy has a high RTP, you can choose the size of the winnings and the duration of the game.

A step-by-step guide on how to win with the Smart Gambler strategy:

  • Select a slot;
  • Decide how much you want to play and divide this time by the average game round time - you get the number of game rounds (e.g. you want to play half an hour = 30 x 60 = 1800 seconds. With a round time of 4 seconds you can play 1800/4 = 450 rounds).
  • Divide your budget by the number of rounds. If you have 100$ in your pocket, then $100 / 450 = 0.22$. This is your starting bet for each round will be 22 cents.
  • Decide approximately how much you would like to win.
  • Do spins with an estimated starting bet (22 cents in this case).
  • Use the "gamble" button when you win a round. Do so until you win enough or lose.

However, keep in mind that in some games, doubling is allowed a limited number of times. If you end up with less winnings than you hoped for, you will have to apply another strategy.

If your budget is very small, you can even play for 1 cent. Smart Gambler strategy and a little luck can help you win big.

RTP of "Smart Gambler" strategy is the same as RTP of a slot machine.

The first spin will cost you 100% minus the game's RTP. If the RTP of the game is 96%, that means the first spin will only cost you 100% - 96% = 4% of your bet. That's only 4$ per hour of play with a budget of 100$ and an initial bet of 10 cents. The probability of winning a double bet is 50%, which raises the RTP to 100%. This means that with a double bet, you are not risking anything. 

Of course, such a system does not guarantee you a win, but the chances are significantly increased.

The "Smart Gambler" strategy is particularly suitable for slot machines such as: 

  • Book of Dead (by Playtech);
  • Slots from Novomatic (e.g. Book of Ra).

Moonshot" strategy - the maximum version of "All in" with slot machines from IGT

Dispersion: Very high

RTP of the betting system: Very high (93%-96%)

Game time: Very short

This strategy has the highest variance of all casino games. It is similar to the "All in" bet on the roulette number, but less predictable.

The strategy works as follows: some slots from IGT allow a huge bet on one winning line. When winning lines are reduced to one, bet can be increased on that line up to the maximum allowed. So you can bet at least 100$ (then you can win up to 100,000$). As a result, you either lose everything in a couple of spins, or win a tidy sum.

We remember that the smaller the bet, the higher the RTP of your betting strategy will be. This is the point of this strategy. If you bet on everything and win, the RTP of your betting strategy will be equal to the RTP of the game. 

Three slots that are perfect for this strategy: 

  • Diamond Queen; 
  • Wolf Run;
  • Cleopatra (offers the highest possible winnings - 10,000 times the bet). 

There are three important points: 

  1. in IGT slots the maximum winnings are 250 000$. Even if you win a million dollars, get only $250,000 - these are the rules. 
  2. This strategy is best used only in large and reliable casinos, so you can get your winnings without problems.
  3. Do not use this strategy if you show signs of gambling addiction.

Reverse Martingale Strategy - Invest in a Winning Strategy

Dispersion: High

RTP of the betting system: High

Game time: Miscellaneous

The Reverse Martingale strategy is suitable for betting if the slot has no doubling feature. 

The essence of Reverse Martingale is to place small bets first and then bet all of your winnings in the next round. This strategy is similar to "Smart Gambler", but it uses increased bets instead of the doubling feature.

The main advantage of this strategy is that it is suitable for any game you like.

Let's look at an example to better understand the "Reverse Martingale" strategy.

You have 100$. You place your first bet of 10 cents. First you lose 15 rounds and then you get lucky and win $4.41. In the next round, you bet the maximum possible amount of your winnings (in our example, it's 4.40$. When you lose, you continue to play with your initial bet. And if you win again, for example 15 $, then bet in the next round 15$. If you lose further, go back to betting 10 cents per round. This can be repeated until you make enough money or until you lose everything.

If your winnings exceed the maximum bet in the slot, make the maximum bets available. The main thing is not to spend more than you won in the previous round, otherwise you will quickly lose your money and reduce your playing time.

Casual player strategy (constant betting strategy)

Variance: Depends on the size of the bet

RTP of the betting system: Depends on the size of the bet and the desired winnings

Playing time: Depends on the size of the bet and the desired winnings

The "Casual player" strategy is one of the simplest strategies. You spin spins with a certain bet until you lose everything, win, or decide to stop.

This strategy is quite popular among online casino players. But it is less effective than all previous strategies. In addition, if you are aiming for a big win, it is worth choosing another strategy. 

The Casual Player strategy is only suitable for players who want to kill time with low stakes, small losses and not very big wins.

"My mom's strategy"

Dispersion: Zero

RTP of the betting system: 100%

The only way not to lose money on slots is to never play them.

This strategy has an RTP of 100% (didn't play - lost nothing).

The disadvantage of this strategy is obvious: if you do not play the machines, you cannot experience the excitement and feel the thrill. But the money saved can be spent on new hobbies and entertainment.