Almost every offline and online casino player is aware of the problem of gambling addiction. It is a big problem recognized by the World Health Society. Our portal welcomes only safe gaming and intends to protect users from all types and degrees of gambling addiction.

This section is dedicated to this problem. Here you will find as much information as possible about gambling addiction, its symptoms and treatment methods. However, the section is still under development, so the information will be regularly updated and supplemented.

Gambling addiction - diagnosis and symptoms

In order to combat addiction effectively, it must be identified at the right time. It is important to distinguish between a normal interest in gambling and an unhealthy disease. This is the basis of correct work on yourself.

Gambling addiction greatly affects all aspects of life, personal habits and behaviour. That is why it has so many symptoms. It may manifest itself in irritability and small deviations in behaviour. And other people may be prompted to commit crimes (in order to find money for the game).

We have described the detailed symptoms in a separate article on Gambling addiction and its manifestations.

How do you combat gambling addiction?

The main and effective method is a complete rejection of online or offline casino games. Of course, it is easier to talk about it than to give up any gambling entertainment at once. Often gambling addiction can develop to a pathological form. And that's when the decision to give up will not be enough. This is what is called an "addiction".

There are players who were able to overcome cravings, began to control the desire to gamble. They have restricted themselves access to casinos and used special techniques. But remember that trying to cope with addiction alone is not a good option. Relatives and friends, hotlines, support groups, specialist psychologists and rehabilitation centers can help a gambler.

We have compiled each type of help and individual coping mechanisms in the article "Overcoming Gambling Addiction".

What is responsible casino play?

The best casino sites give players the ability to monitor and control their behavior. For example, it is possible to set limits on bets and deposits, or to block an account and any access to the casino on your own. Also controlling commissions and authorities in different countries may offer similar tools.

Do you think you play at online casinos too often and too much? Be sure to try options to control and analyze your sessions. But don't forget an important point: nothing and no one can beat gambling addiction except the player himself.

For information on the various tools and offerings of responsible gaming in different casinos, countries, regulators and other organizations, see "Responsible gambling at online casinos".