The basics of online casino games for beginners

In order to play, win and enjoy it, it is important to know as much as possible about the online gambling industry as a whole and all the intricacies. This guide will be especially useful for newbies to dive into the world of online gaming. Here we will tell you how to get started in online casinos, how to use bonuses, and how to play safely to avoid gambling addiction. This knowledge will help to make an opinion about the gambling industry, not to make a mistake in choosing a casino and avoid serious mistakes.

In our guide about online casinos, we take a look at 5 important tips you need to be aware of before you start playing.

Always choose your online casino carefully

A reliable casino is the key to a calm and profitable game. 

At first glance, it may seem that all online casinos are similar to each other, but in fact, each has distinctive features that are worth paying attention to. The criteria for choosing a gaming site can be very different - an attractive bonus program, a wide range of games, convenience of replenishment and withdrawal. But the most important factor is reliability and loyalty of the casino.

Some casinos value fair play, are always open to their users and ready to help. But often the opposite happens - players can be cheated or refuse to pay their winnings for far-fetched reasons. That is why it is important to study the reviews on various gaming sites, so as not to make a wrong choice. 

Choosing a reliable gaming site is the first step to successful gaming, so we hope that our rating of the best online casinos will help professionals and beginners to make the right choice. 

The rating of the casino is calculated taking into account such important characteristics as: the presence of the license, player reviews, the quality of feedback from the casino team and many others. Learn more about choosing the best casino in our articles, where we tell you about 11 factors that influence the choice of a casino.

How to use online casino bonuses

Every casino strives to create the most attractive conditions for players. The bonus system is one of the key features to look out for. Casino bonuses always seem to be tempting - and that's the point. 

Bonuses can be no deposit bonuses (it's when you can play and win for free) and deposit bonuses (to get these bonuses need to deposit money into the gaming account).

But it is worth remembering that bonuses are issued with certain rules. In order for you to be able to make the most of the bonus, you need to study the terms of use before you activate the reward. There are usually a lot of restrictions and conditions in the rules, which can make the bonus less profitable than it seemed at first.

Here are the most common bonus rules:

  • the bonus must be wagered: in most cases it is forbidden to withdraw winnings until the bonus is fully wagered;
  • validity period: once the bonus is activated, you have a limited amount of time to use them, after which the bonus is cancelled;
  • the maximum bet when playing with bonus money is often limited;
  • gaming restrictions: the casino lists specific games that you are not allowed to play while the bonus is active, otherwise it may be cancelled;
  • the maximum winnings are also often limited.

Violation of these rules may lead to various sanctions from the casino, up to cancellation of your winnings. 

Detailed information about casino bonuses and their rules can be found in our casino bonuses guide. We recommend that you read it before you take advantage of your first bonus.

Given these and other restrictions on the use of bonuses, sometimes it is more correct to forgo the deposit bonus and play without it. This is especially true for beginners, because it is quite difficult to play with such bonuses.

Basic mathematics of gambling

An online casino is a business, and in business, revenue is always important. A casino also has to make money from its operations. Such earnings are called "casino share". 

Officially licensed casino can not earn more than a certain percentage of the total amount of bets made by players. This percentage is determined by a special indicator - RTP (Return To Player). In fact, this is the payback rate of the slot machine. RTP is always less than 100%, the rest goes to casino profits. 

The RPT in European roulette is 97.3%, respectively, the casino's share is 2.7%. This means that from every $100 bet placed, the player will receive $97.30 and the casino will earn $2.70. That said, your actual winnings with a $100 bet will range from $0 to $3600, depending on the type of bet and the result of the round.

RTP is a statistical calculation value and works in the long run: the more rounds the user has played, the closer the RTP is to the declared value.

Licensed machines initially have this indicator, online casinos cannot influence it. Winning determines the mechanics of the slot, for example, random number generator.

Main types of casino games

There are many different games available to online casino players. They also vary in terms of difficulty. There are games that are great for beginners. For example, slots are the easiest to play: you just have to press a button and rely on luck. Whereas in video poker you will have to actively make decisions and build tactics.

The most popular types of entertainment right now are:

  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Video poker
  • Baccarat

You can read more about each of the featured games in our series of articles on the website. Learning the basics will be especially helpful for new players.

How to gamble safely and avoid gambling addiction

As you know, gambling requires special care. Gambling addiction, or gambling addiction, is a serious illness and not just a bad habit. It can ruin one's personal life and career as well as negatively affect one's financial situation. People with a casino addiction, betting after betting, cannot control their emotions.  

The process should be fun, so play responsibly and know when to stop. Our article on playing safely will help you learn more about responsible gambling principles that will help you avoid possible problems.

The main rule of responsible gaming is to understand that online casinos are primarily a form of entertainment, not a way to make money. And even more so, it should not be considered as a means of fast enrichment. In the section on the mathematics of gambling, we have already said that in all the machines there is a casino advantage. So if you will play only for the sake of big earnings, sooner or later you risk to be in trouble.

In articles about responsible casino gambling and helping people with addiction, you will learn about the following aspects of gambling addiction:

  • how to recognize gambling addiction
  • causes of gambling addiction
  • how to cope with gambling addiction
  • how to help someone with a gambling addiction
  • where to go for help.

When signs of addiction are detected, you should seek professional help as soon as possible to resolve the problem quickly and safely.