Websites of gambling clubs support active players with various bonuses and gifts. Cashback in casinos is a regular bonus, which returns part of the money lost by the user. They are usually credited to a bonus account, from which they can be used for betting. The online casino offers from 5% to 15% refunds every week. But for players with high VIP level the size of the cashback can reach 50%.

Why do casinos need cashback? It helps a person to stay in the game and get the opportunity to win back even with zero in the gaming account. The most common types of casino wagering will be either zero or one, but you may also see some other variations. Study the conditions of wagering cashback, so as not to get problems with the withdrawal of winnings from it.

How is the cashback counted?

Most online casinos create their own calculation formulas. They can be found in the "Bonuses" section: there is always a page with the description of the conditions of cashback. Usually in the calculation take the sums of all deposits and withdrawals of winnings for the calculation period. For example, for one week. Then the amount of deposits is deducted from the amount of winnings, and the result is multiplied by the percentage.

Casino cashback can be received weekly, monthly or even daily. The calculation period depends on the specific casino and your VIP level. High Rollers often receive cashback every day.

What other conditions can be taken into account? These can be no deposit bonuses or freespins, bonuses from promo codes, etc. Often to receive a cashback in the casino you need to be an active player: that is, during the calculation period make deposits of a certain minimum amount and make bets.

How are refunds credited?

We have figured out what a casino cashback is, and now we need to understand how it is credited on an example. Let's study a simple algorithm:

  • You make deposits and lose a certain amount of real money during the week.
  • The amount of all deposits is subtracted from the amount of all withdrawals for the week. Then it is multiplied by the percentage rate of your cashback.
  • The result is credited to your bonus account on the first day of the new billing period (e.g. Monday).
  • Casino cashback has to be wagered like any other bonus.

Let's say you made deposits of 1000 rubles, but didn't win and didn't withdraw anything. In this case, the casino offers you 10% cashback. On Monday you will get (0 - 1000)*0.1 = 100 rubles cashback.

The wager for such a bonus can vary. Some online casinos require wagering cashback, as usual gift. That is, 35-40 times. In other clubs cashback comes straight to the gaming account and its widger is 0 or 1. That is wagering it is not necessary.

How do I increase my casino cashback?

Refunds of lost money help all players - both beginners and experienced gamblers. Therefore, every user wants to get back more. What does the amount of cashback in online casinos depend on?

  • Account status (the higher your VIP level, the better the conditions).
  • Frequency of deposits.
  • Activity in games, tournaments and events.

Remember that a cashback also has an expiration date (usually a settlement period before a new accrual). So you need to use it quickly. Otherwise it will be lost, and the new refund will be calculated with a different result.

Evaluate all available online casinos, not only for honesty and availability of a license, but also by the terms of the cashback. So you can choose the optimal virtual club for gambling.

Cashback - brief conclusions

What do I need to know about casino refunds?

  • Cashback is one of the bonuses for online casino users. Active players receive a percentage of the money they lose, which allows them to play more.
  • Cashback in the casino can be credited to the main or bonus accounts. Also cashback can be received in the form of loyalty points, which can be exchanged for real money.
  • Cashback in the casino is charged weekly, daily or once a month. The period depends on the rules of a particular institution. VIP-players get the best conditions of cashback.
  • To receive casino cashback, the amount of your deposits must be greater than the amount of winnings received.
  • To play effectively with cashback, you need to study the terms and conditions of each casino. Compare the clubs' offers and choose the right one for you.

Casino refunds are a lucrative opportunity. You do not need to make too many deposits. And the percentage of the money you lose can bring you a winnings that will cover all your previous expenses.

What's the limit of casino cashback?

There are a few simple rules that determine the amount, withdrawal and maximum bets on a cashback.

  • Wagering odds. If a cashback has a wager, it must be wagered in order to be able to withdraw the money received.
  • Size. All online casinos set a limit on the amount of cashback. Check this condition necessarily. If according to the rules of the club, the refund cannot be more than 5000, then you will not get more than this amount.
  • Bet. Some clubs may set a maximum bet amount when playing with the refunded funds.

In most casinos, in order to receive a cashback, you need to remain an active player. That is to make minimum deposits and play for real money.