Party Gold

Party Gold Slots is a new online game that recreates the atmosphere of Soviet times and will especially appeal to fans of nostalgia. The atmosphere immerses the player in an exciting search for the riches of the once great party and state. Feel like a time traveler and test the game in the demo version for free or play for money and get huge well-deserved winnings.

The main parameters of the slot machine Party Gold:

  • 5 reels
  • 21 paylines (you can activate 1, 5, 10, 15 or all 21 paylines)
  • Betting can be from 1 to 500 coins
  • the slot itself can calculate the maximum available bet
  • automatic drum rotation
  • Risk game

Symbols of slot machine Gold of the Party - newspaper "Pravda", combine, tear-off calendar, Soviet rubles, car VAZ, and others.

Bonus level activates prize chains. You will have to guess on which half of the clock face the hand will stop. If intuition is on your side, the winnings will be doubled. With a lucky combination of 5 coats of arms of the USSR - a player wins a jackpot of 10000 coins. 

Gold of the Party: play the bonus round online

Playing online in Party Gold is profitable and easy because of the abundance of cool bonuses. For example, from three to five images of Soviet rubles will activate the round "Envelope". In it you need to find an envelope with money among the empty ones. For a correct answer, from 60 to 240 of the bet is accrued.

Easy to play online is profitable, because in basic mode often fall chains, and additionally increases the balance of the bonus level. Each guest of the portal will be able to get a reward in this way. Do not miss your chance.

Slot machine Gold of the Party - an atmospheric video slot with decent rewards, in which everyone can win!