Gnomes - the best miners of gold and jewels. In the slot Gnome invited to play online and become an assistant little bearded gnome, who will show you the way to the treasures. 

Playing Gnome slot is very simple and profitable, and you can run it at any time - the main thing is to have access to the Internet. You can play for free online in the demo version. After making a deposit, the player gets access to bonuses and prizes.

Try Gnome - test your luck and see if the working gnome is ready to share the treasure with you.

Characteristics of the slot Gnome

Slot machine Gnome is characterized by the presence of 5 reels, 9 lines and high odds of winning combinations, as well as: 

  • number of coins to trigger a spin: from 1 to 225 per slot
  • you can activate the autoplay
  • additional round after each scroll
  • opportunity to play in the risk round

Gnome slots bonuses

Gnome has special symbols and bonus games, so it's generous on prize payouts. Play with money bets and get rewards.

There are two bonus modes in the online game, which are activated by special symbols. In the prize round, the player is asked to choose a handle to control the wagons. It is possible to play a super game, the task of which is to help the gnome find the treasure in one of the chests.

The risk round allows you to double your winnings. The rules are very simple: you have to choose from four closed cards the one that is bigger than the open card - then the prize is increased. This is a good way to win more and test your intuition.

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