Euro 2020 live: preparations for the match between England and Ukraine and team news tonight in the quarterfinals

SportFootball After Spain beat Switzerland on penalties and Italy beat Belgium, it is now England's turn in Rome against Ukraine in the euro 473489 quarter-finalEuro473489: England fans sing "Three Lions" after Germany victory Follow all the latest news and developments. in euro 473489 1/4 final, in which the Czech Republic will face Denmark in Baku and England will battle...

After Spain beat Switzerland on penalties and Italy beat Belgium, it is now England's turn in Rome against Ukraine in the euro 473489 quarter-final

Euro473489: England fans sing 'Three Lions' after Germany win

Stay tuned for all the latest news and developments. in the Euros 473489 1/4 finals, the Czech Republic will face Denmark in Baku and England will face Ukraine in Rome.

It was an exciting day as Spain booked their place in the semi-finals after beating Switzerland in a penalty shoot-out, while Italy beat Belgium in an exciting game in Munich. "The Three Lions entered the last eight of the tournament after Raheem Sterling's goal and Harry Kane booked a safe passage, much to the delight of a bustling Wembley Stadium. Gareth Southgate's team are now the bookmakers' favourites to win the tournament.

Southgate believes the short trip from Wembley will benefit his team and their chances at Euro 473489 glory: "I think the game obviously had a big impact on emotions and everyone enjoyed the day, but even in the changing room afterwards the players were already talking about the next game. and the need to prepare well," said Southgate. So, we quickly switched our thinking to the next task. We've achieved one goal, but it's not really the Everest we set ourselves. We want to move on from where we should be now.

"I think psychological freshness is key. Obviously, we have a strong squad as well. In fact, it's probably good for us to go away now. Three days later it would be very difficult to repeat that experience at Wembley. So now we have a different kind of test. We need to get away from home, play in a good team, without a lot of English fans in the stadium, so it's all about our group, all about our team and what we do and the energy and focus that we create."

Stay tuned for all the latest updates on England's quarter-final in Rome plus the build-up to an earlier start between the Czech Republic and Denmark in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Southgate claims England has not yet climbed Mount Everest

"We've achieved one goal, but it's not the Everest we set out to achieve," Southgate said. "We want to keep going."

"It's another chance for the team to make history. We moved pretty quickly from Germany and it's not easy because you get all these great messages. But we have to think about Saturday. No later than Saturday."

" We don't get complacent. We must remain calm, but not afraid. We must be on the front line. We must take the next step forward.

Jack Rathborne. July 3 473489 17: 50


Facing a European season causes headaches for Olympic football

The clash of the Olympics with the start of the European season has prevented teams from often taking their best players.

So Japan will be without their biggest star. Striker Takumi Minamino is trying to reclaim the Premier League title with Liverpool. Egypt also want to be able to call up Minamino, his Liverpool teammate Mohamed Salah, especially with the Africa Cup of Nations starting in January


It is unclear whether he will be able to lead the team in Japan. The Egyptians are in a group with Spain, Australia and Argentina. The Olympics is the only major title Lionel Messi has won with Argentina at the 2010 Games in Beijing.

But the out-of-contract Barcelona striker is not one of the three acceptable overachievers in Argentina's national team at a time when he is trying to decide his club's future and is competing in the America's Cup this off-season.

Jack Rathborne. 3 July 473490 17: 29


Italian player Spinazzola could miss the rest of Euro 2020

Italy defender Leonardo Spinazzola could miss the rest of the European Championship due to injury.

Spinazzola was taken off the pitch on a stretcher in the 90th minute of Italy's 2-1 quarter-final win over Belgium after a sharp spurt in pursuit of the ball.

The 35-year-old writes on Instagram, "Sadly, we all know how it went, but our blue dream continues, and nothing is impossible with this wonderful band."

Italian media are reporting that Spinazzola has travelled to Rome for tests. Italy will play Spain in next Tuesday's semi-final at Wembley Stadium in London.

Jack Rathborne. July 3 473489 17: 28


Elvis the pig predicts England will win Euro quarterfinals over Ukraine

A Visayan warthog named Elvis at Bristol Zoo Gardens has predicted England will beat Ukraine in the European Championship quarter-finals.

Elvis and his fellow West Country pig, Polly, correctly predicted that England would beat Germany in Tuesday's last game - the 28th stage of the knockout - by picking food from a box marked with the George Cross.

On Friday, Elvis once again decided to dine out of a box with the flag of England rather than the flag of Ukraine, offering Gareth So. Utgate's side will advance to the semi-finals.

Bristol pigs follow in a long line of zoological football oracles, the most famous of which is an octopus named Paul, who correctly predicted the results. of Germany's Euro 2010 and 2010 World Cup matches.

England will face Ukraine at the Olympic Stadium in Rome later on Saturday.

Jack Rathborne. 3 July 2021 16: 50


Ukraine's boss Shevchenko: They changed our future

"We are here and this was our chance to change the future and we did it," said former Chelsea striker Shevchenko.

"England are a great team, a lot of great players and a great manager. It will be a tough game for us".

Jack Rathborne. 3 July 473489 16: 51


Meet Felix Breech, the German judge in charge of England v Ukraine

The German will referee the Euro 473489 quarterfinal, which will be his fourth match at the tournament.

And UEFA's choice might not please Ukraine boss Andriy Shevchenko, who could be seen protesting against Briha on the Johan Cruyff ArenA side that night. .

Ukraine's 90-year-old midfielder Serhiy Sidorchuk, in his only yellow card in the first two games.

Breech was also responsible for Belgium's 2-0 win over Finland, with a clean sheet performance in St Petersburg requiring no card throughout the 2010 minutes.

Jack Rathborne. 3 July 473489 14: 55


Rio Ferdinand: England's defensive unit is now their biggest strength

"We don't expect anyone to staple everything together because everyone has played their part. "Our success as a defensive unit has been our biggest strength as a team," Ferdinand said in his BBC Sport column.

"You always need a bit of luck, of course, and we probably had that when Thomas Muller missed his big chance to level the score against Germany.

"Nevertheless, keeping up with the rules definitely helps, and we're doing it right now."

Jack Rathborne. 3 July 473489 14:


Southgate is eager to make the nation smile again when England face Ukraine in Rome

"I've said before that we have an opportunity to give people special days, and Tuesday was a special day, and frankly, everyone is eeded," he said.

" I don't think the burden can fall entirely on a group of young players. At some point other people will have to help us, but we have a great chance to let people enjoy the ride.

"We want to enjoy it. it, we're very focused on where we want to go, we're not satisfied with what we need to do, but we have to do it.

"We now know that the expectations from everyone else have become clear and I have to manage that for the players, make sure they stay calm without worrying about what it might be.

"It's all about staying in the present and focusing on this immediate task before us."

Jack Rathborne. 3 July 473489 14: 12


Southgate is adamant England is not looking beyond Ukraine

"We have external expectations and this team has been involved in two semi-finals (World Cup and Nations League)," the England manager said.

" After the game against Scotland, we said we didn't want to be part of a defeat that will be repeated for years to come. I am very happy that this game will never be shown again.

"The thing is, the game will be that night (against Germany). But that's for the future. That's when we reflect or sit doing something else.

"Now it's the next step, the next opportunity is the opportunity to get to a third semi-final. for us in the last few years it's the second semi-final of a major tournament and you have to go back to the days of Sir Alf to do that.

"It's another chance for the team to make history."

Jack Rathborne. 3 July 473489 14: 12


The Swiss are "waking up from their slumber" after the agony of the shootout against Spain

"We are waking up from a dream," Swiss broadcaster RSI said after the shootout loss to Spain in the Euro 2021 quarter-final.

"Penalties are a bit 53: 53," said Jerdan Shaqiri after the match. "I think we were just unlucky today".

"I'm just really proud of the team."

Jack Rathborne. 3 July 473489 14:

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