Cashback Bonus

Refunds of lost funds at online casinos

Cashback is the amount that the operator is ready to return to the losing user as a small compensation. Most often they go to the bonus account, not to the cash account. Usually the casino offers 5-15% compensation, but sometimes it reaches 50%. 

Such money allows the gambler to still try his luck even with zero on the account. Sometimes the wager works, complicating the withdrawal of winnings, if the player is not fully familiar with the rules.

Cashback calculation options

Operators use different types of cashback. The bonus base is usually calculated as the difference between the amount deposited and the balance at the end of the period. These funds are multiplied by the percentage. Typically, your cashback is computed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. In some exceptions, every day, if the refund is not calculated by the result of losses, but by the amount of bets.

Sometimes gambling establishments only give a user a cashback if they have a full zero in their account. The incentive helps the club not to lose the client in case of full bankruptcy. 

There are more complicated calculation systems, where bonuses on deposits, promo codes or no-deposit are deducted from the accrual amount. Sometimes they take into account the amount of withdrawals from the gambling club. Sometimes the formula is based on the balance on a particular day or other additional conditions.

For example, a player is offered a bonus who has deposited money at least 4 times in a month and has reached a certain percentage of bets. 

Scheme of cashback from the casino

Usually three actions are required for the bonus to be credited:

  1. The client loses a set amount of real money over a certain period of time. 
  2. This amount is multiplied by the coefficient and credited to the bonus account.
  3. The resulting cashback must be wagered, just like any gift from the institution.

For example, a gambler has deposited one thousand rubles on his account. During the week he lost 250 rubles, i.e. these funds were on the account on a particular settlement day. And the club offers 10% cashback. Then the amount of compensation for the week would be 25 rubles. 

As a rule, cashback is credited to a bonus account subject to wagering. Then the client needs to wager from the main account 20-45 times more than the gift. In this example, the wager is 35; accordingly, bets need to be made for 875 roubles. Only then the money can be withdrawn. A number of casinos give bonuses, which can not be wagered, so they are immediately credited to the main account.

What are the conditions for a cashback

Cashback is the easiest and most straightforward for the average player. Establishments often offer customers to increase their own compensation amount. The amount can be affected by the following conditions:

  • status
  • frequent deposits
  • Refill after spending the no-deposit
  • user activity

When participating in such promotions, one should not only keep in mind the wagering requirements, but also be aware of the activity period of the gift. Sometimes it is burned out if the gambler has not entered the platform for a month or six months. Because of the stiff competition between the clubs, a newcomer can always choose the most successful platform in terms of conditions.

Casino Cashback Guide

1.CashBack - a kind of bonus in online casinos for regular customers. Players are awarded a certain percentage of the amount of loss, which allows them to stay "afloat". 

2. Cashback is credited in two ways:

  • direct - funds are deposited directly into the main account
  • indirect - money can be obtained by exchanging special points. 

Sometimes these options are combined. 

3. Cashback may be credited every day, week, or month depending on the conditions offered by the club. 

4. It is better if the institution has two options for receiving a cashback - points and direct crediting of money. With the point system bonuses are given to players quite often, with direct - less often, but you can immediately get real money. 

5. Bonuses in the form of cashback exist not in all casinos, they are usually in the privileged class clubs. It is better to read about each offer separately to get acquainted with conditions.

6. Cashback in online casinos is a profitable option that allows reducing risks and increasing the player's confidence in further bets. The size of the bonus depends on the rules of the particular club, but usually it is directly related to the level of the client.

7. Cashback has several limitations:

  • Wager. After receiving a cashback, the user needs to wager a specific amount in order to withdraw the funds.
  • Accrual amount. Usually gambling establishments limit the maximum amount of cashback. So, according to the rules of calculation the client should receive 10,000 rubles, but because of restrictions only 5,000 rubles are transferred to him.
  • Withdrawal of winnings. The casino may limit the amount of winnings that can be withdrawn, earned when playing for cashback. 
  • Maximum bet. When playing with a cashback there are restrictions on bets over a certain amount.
  • Replenishment of the game account. Sometimes the user needs to recharge the account with a percentage equal to half of the cashback to activate it. However, there are schemes without restrictions on returns. Or they are so insignificant that you can ignore them.

8. Accrual of bonuses - in order to receive a cashback, the user needs to have a negative balance at the moment of the bonus accrual date for the calculation time. If the bonus is credited at the end of the month, the amount of withdrawals and the amount of funds on the client's balance shall be deducted from the amount of deposits.